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Friday, July 30, 2010

Thing #12: Creating Community Through Commenting

1. Explain two of the points about Comments that you think are important.

Cool Cat said "Remember the Power of Words" and even gave a name to those people whose comments are abrasive -- Darth Commentator.

Blue Skunk said "Make it Relevant" and "Don't be a Troll."

Both important points dealt with good etiquette and also containing your comments to the subject and not rambling. It is nice to know that there are people trying to set up rules of etiquette regarding commenting and blogging.

2. Choose at least five different Library2Play blogs and make at least one comment to each.

I found some comments to Library2Play blogs were easier to manuever than others. Is it because the different templates have different methods of sending comments?

3. Thing #12: Find two blogs about a subject of personal interest and comment.

I commented on Tom Margenau's article regarding Social Security offsets.
I also asked a planting question of Jeff Rugg.

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