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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thing #7: Google Tools

I've heard about this and wanted to try some of these applications. I am definitely going to calendar some time to come back and discover how to use some of these apps. I am expecially intrigued with Google Docs and Picasa Web Albums. The two Google apps I explored for this assignment were the translation feature on the Google Search page and the Google Alerts. 1) Under More, on the Google search page Google has a translation feature. This could come in very handy when you are trying to communicate with a student who can not speak English. 2) I also used Google alerts to alert me on any news regarding a stock that I own.

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  1. While working on Thing 7, I discovered the coolest thing in Google. On the Google Search page under 'More' there is a translation app -- this could really be handy when trying to communicate with students who can not speak English.