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Friday, August 6, 2010

Thing #18: Online Productivity Tools

I just got an e-mail from Lisa S. (a colleague of mine) today regarding Google docs and Open Office. She said:

"I did Google training this week at Summer U, and we have some major changes about to happen regarding that. I'll fill you in next week -- even Jim didn't know about all this yet when I emailed him. Basically everything is going to be Google docs based and the student SAN folders are going away - kids will use Google docs or Open Office instead of Office (not in our classes, of course, but in the core classes and libraries). Students will all have a "@mysbisd.com" gmail account. Interesting ... and a substantial learning curve ahead."

I am worried about cheating. It seems anything on-line could be easier for fellow students to access and thereby use to cheat. On the other hand, these on-line tools will be available to all students at home or at school regardless of their ability to pay for expensive software.

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